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Contoura Lasik Specs Removal  Surgery Center Gurgaon

Contoura LASIK Surgery Benefits

  • Permanent Specs/Contact Lens Removal
  • No Cut, No Stitches, No Pain, No Hospitalization
  • Same Day Walk-in Walk-out Procedure
  • Removes Cornea Irregularities
  • Corrects Visual Axis
  • Unmatched by any LASIK or SMILE Procedure
  • Much Sharper Visual Outcomes Compared to LASIK and SMILE

Contoura Vision is a latest LASIK technique developed by Alcom US. With Contoura Vision LASIK surgery you get better results and a lot better specs and contact lens free vision. Contoura Vision is approved by FDA in US.

Salient Features of Contoura Lasik Treatment

  • Get Sharpest Vision Possible
  • Re-Treatment is Possible
  • 92.6% Achieved 20/20 Vision or Better
  • Two-Thirds of Eyes Achieved at Least 20/16 Vision
  • 15.7% of Eyes Achieved 20/10 Vision or Better
  • Maps up to 22000 Elevation Points for Each Eye

In addition to correcting your specs power, Contoura Vision also corrects your corneal irregularities while working on Visual axis, thereby providing much sharper visual outcomes, unmatched by Lasik & Smile.

CONTOURA® Vision Completely Redefines Vision by Bringing More Detail to Every Moment of Life

Know Your Contoura Vision Lasik Surgeon in Gurgaon

eye specialist Dr. Ahuja

20 Years of Experience with 3000+ Lasik Surgery

Dr Hitendra Ahooja completed his basic medical training in 1996 from J.L.N. Medical College, Wardha, Maharashtra. He completed his post-graduation training in ophthalmology from Government medical college, Nagpur, on 2001 and Maharashtra and fellowship in cornea and anterior segment from L V Prasad eye institute, Hyderabad in 2004.

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    Contoura Lasik Surgery –  Real Results. Real Freedom.


    Many of the side effects of Lasik and Smile, such as light sensitivity, difficulty in night driving, difficulty in reading, glare, starbursts, halos are much reduced in Contoura Vision.

    LASIK Fixes Refractive Errors to Give You a Life Without Corrective Lenses (Specs)

    Refractive errors are imperfections in the eye that prevent light from focusing properly. This is what causes blurred vision. Common refractive errors include nearsightedness and astigmatism.

    If you have one or both of these, chances are you’ve worn glasses or contacts for as long as you can remember. LASIK procedures using WaveLight® LASIK technology with CONTOURA® Vision are designed to give you the power to change that. And in fact, more patients are treated on the WaveLight® platform than any other.

    With CONTOURA® Vision, LASIK is Personalized to Help You Get Even More

    As impressive as WaveLight® LASIK vision correction system may sound, it’s just the beginning. The surface of your eye is as unique as your fingerprint, and CONTOURA® Vision is revolutionary to LASIK, working with WaveLight® LASIK technology to tailor your laser vision correction procedure to your unique eye, redefining the quality of what you see.

    You can think of CONTOURA® Vision as “personalized LASIK.” Sometimes known as topography-guided LASIK, CONTOURA® Vision personalizes your LASIK procedure by creating a precise map of your eye that includes up to 22,000 unique elevation points.

    contoura vision 22000 unique elevation points

    What’s The Benefit of LASIK with CONTOURA® Vision? Results.

    With CONTOURA® Vision, life after a LASIK procedure means excellent vision for a large number of patients.

    • Of eyes treated with CONTOURA® Vision, 92.6% achieved 20/20 vision or better, in an analysis of FDA study results on LASIK.
    • Many patients saw even greater benefits from topography-guided LASIK: nearly two-thirds of eyes achieved at least 20/16 vision, and 15.7% of eyes achieved 20/10 vision or better.

    In fact, 98.4% of patients who get CONTOURA® Vision treatment say they would do it again.

    Incredible Quality of Vision — Without Glasses or Contacts

    In an analysis of FDA study results on LASIK, 92.6% of eyes treated with CONTOURA® Vision achieved 20/20 vision or better — and 15.7% achieved 20/10 vision or better.

    normal vision vs better than normal

    The first FDA-approved LASIK option superior to glasses and contacts

    CONTOURA® Vision outperformed glasses and contacts in 30.9% of eyes receiving treatment, according to an analysis of FDA study results.

    contoura vision surgery result

    Better Than Contacts and Glasses

    Completely redefine the quality of what you see with CONTOURA® Vision. Free yourself to experience incredible detail, depth and clarity — up close and far away, day and night.

    Effectiveness and Quality of Vision

    Contoura Vision is a topography guided LASIK technology used to correct refractive vision and thereby decreasing or eliminating dependency on glasses or contact lenses. The Contoura vision technology reduces symptoms that are linked with LASIK. It was FDA approved in the US in 2016.

    The Contoura vision method provides a measurement of 22,000 points as compared to 200 points provided by wave front-guided LASIK method. The imperfections in the cornea are recorded and is then corrected with the help of laser.

    Contoura Vision has resulted in patients vision better than 6/6 (or 20/20, the standardised normal vision) in multiple patients who were a part of evaluation by US FDA trials in attempt to validate the technology. Contoura Vision is the only technology where such huge success has been achieved in such large numbers. More than forty per cent of the patients that were evaluated evaluated were able to read one extra line on the visual acuity chart. At the same time, 13.5% could read an extra of two lines on the visual acuity chart.

    Fewer visual disturbances such as glare, halos, ghost images, difficulty in night time driving and reading were also reported by many patients. Contoura vision exhibited superior quality of vision.

    Comparison with Other LASER Procedures

    Contoura Vision was compared against Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE) to check the effectiveness by Kanellopoulos AJ and the results were published in Journal of Refractive Surgery. The trials were run for a period of 3 months and it was found that 86.4% LASIK group had 20/20 vision and only 68.2% of people in SMILE group had 20/20 vision. Similarly, UDVA of 20/20 (P < .002) was for 59.1% in Contoura and 31.8% for SMILE.

    Spherical equivalent refraction (±0.50 D) was reported to 95.5% for Contoura Vision and 77.3% for the SMILE. Residual refraction cylinder (≤ 0.25 D) was found to be 81.8% for the Contoura Vision and merely 50% for the people who used SMILE. Contrast sensitivity (6 cycles/degree) was 7.2 ± 1.01 for people who used Contoura Vision and 6.20 ± 1.52 for SMILE.

    The author concluded that Contoura Vision was found to be superior for all the visual performance parameters that were studied, irrespective the parameters were subjective and objective.


    Why Contoura vision is the best treatment for specs removal?

    ​From the time that hand-blown glass spectacles and contact lenses were handcrafted for each patient in the 1800s, to today, the correction of refractive errors customized to the needs of the individual have undergone a revolutionary change. Doctors and scientists have collaborated to provide vision correction dimensions which were hitherto unimaginable.

    Contoura Vision – Beyond spectacle free

    In the armamentarium of ophthalmic surgical innovations, Contoura Vision is the most sophisticated technology, which is actually a topography-guided LASIK treatment system. The technology which is performed using the WaveLight Allegretto Wave Eye-Q or WaveLight EX500 Excimer Laser Systems, in conjunction with the WaveLight Topolyzer Vario Diagnostic Device (manufactured by Alcon, a division of Novartis, USA) uses the specific corneal curvature of the individual patient to provide a customized laser ablation of the cornea. These machines ensure that all the surface imperfections in individual corneas and consequently the optical system of the eye, are recorded and addressed, which results in a sharper and brighter focus.

    Translated into patient experience, what this means is that since the cornea is imaged at several points, and each single point is ablated depending on the aberrations present at that point only, the surgery actually provides a vision correction that was not possible until now. This can be done for patients of both nearsightedness, that is, myopia, and astigmatism, with equal ease.

    Better vision than that achieved with glasses or contact lenses

    Contoura Vision provides better visual results than either glasses or contact lenses for almost 30% patients as evidenced from multicenter clinical trials. In fact, when evaluating “quality of vision”, that is visual acuity combined with visual symptoms, Contoura vision performed better than both glasses and contact lenses.

    In US FDA trials, almost one third of the eyes which had undergone the surgery reported a better unaided vision than that achieved with the glasses/ contact lenses preoperatively, at the end of twelve months after surgery.

    Also these patients reported a lower incidence of visual disturbances like glare, halos, difficulty in night time driving and reading etcetera

    Let’s talk super vision

    In fact, Contoura Vision treatment for vision correction has even provided patients vision better than 6/6 (or 20/20, which is the standardized normal vision) in as many as 40% patients. That is, that 40.4% of the patients evaluated who had 6/6 vision with their glasses before surgery, could actually read one extra line on the visual acuity chart while 13.5% gained two lines on the visual acuity chart.

    Contoura Vision – Beyond Blade-Free LASIK and SMILE

    There is no doubt that other vision correction procedures such as the Bladeless Lasik & Smile offer terrific visual results, but the Contoura Vision experience is one that has been unparalleled to date.

    As many as 22000 data points on each of the corneas is evaluated, recorded, and treated accordingly in order to offer crystal clear vision, which is far superior to that offered by any other currently available technology. Also, the ablation is centered on the visual axis of the eye with the help of the fastest gaze tracker in the world, making it safer and more precise than currently available technology.

    To borrow an analogy from the world of fashion, it’s the difference between a shirt you pick off the shelf, and one that is custom designed to fit your body: the difference between pret a porter, and couture.

    Contoura Vision in Gurugram/NCR

    If you thought Contoura Vision is available in the USA alone, you are in for a surprise. There is center in Gurugram (Gurgaon), which actually offer Contoura Vision technology for spectacle removal.

    Ahooja Eye and Dental Institute is one of the few Eye Hospital situated in Gurugram (Gurgaon) which offers Contoura Vision based specs removal procedure.